As is vividly depicted in the photos above,Beckham,the smart British
football superstar,is enjoying a striking popularity among
adolescents.In the first picture,
Beckham’s name appears on a young
man’s face.The caption indicates that worship for an idol is written
on his face.In the second photograph,another young person is in a
barbershop getting his hair cut in Beckham’s chic style.We are informed
that he is spending 300 yuan imitating his idol’s haircut.


Undoubtedly,the pictures subtly reflect the social phenomenon of idol
worship prevalent among teenagers nowadays.Briefly speaking,young people
are inclined to
idolize the people who excel in
appearance,intelligence or talent.Beckham represents the image of a
sports hero,whose handsome appearance and unparalleled football skills
are passionately adored by all the sports fans.Likewise,several
teenage girls won their fame overnight in The 2005 Super Girl Contest in
China,which provoked noisy nationwide debate on the value and harm of
admiring these idols.


In my opinion,idolatry,a thought-provoking social phenomenon,is a
double edged sword which can exert profound influence for either good or
bad on the growth of young people.If we simply
worship idols by
imitating their hairstyle or pursuing fashions unreasonably,the
obsession will certainly waste a great deal of our time and
money,endangering the effciency of our study or work.On the contrary,if
we endeavor to
improve ourselves by bridging the gap between our
models and us,we will lead a positive and fruitful
life.Accordingly,the latter attitude should be adopted to direct our way
of life.



  January 8, 2010

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  3、给出你的争执注:火锅里的文字有:佛、武术、解构、礼、毕昇、儒、后当代、Lau Shaw、Shakespeare、爱因斯坦、道、仁、天鹅湖、启蒙、北京南阳大调曲子等。


  The picture showed us a boiling hotpot of various forms of both
domestic and alien culture. The hodgepodge could be categorized as
literature, moral values and performing arts. As far as I am concerned,
the picture characterizes the status quo of Chinese society in which
Chinese and Western culture conflict with each other but also merge into
a unique form to a certain degree. In the highly-integrated world today,
no country is an isolated island. Every nation is faced with
miscellaneous alien culture, roaring to overwhelm the domestic
cultureand China is no exception. However, it does not mean the foreign
culture shall be eliminated or eradicated. It is up to the option of the
tasters of hotpot, or in other words, the Chinese people to exact the
essence of this combination, be it Chinese or Western, and to take full
advantage of the world has in store for us。