Dear Students,

  Due to the analysis above, to be an eligible heir of socialism
construction, you have to strike a balance between your study and the
job. Study is your major task while a part time job is a minor one
though work experience is desirable。


  There is no denying that this trend is very pervasive in current
colleges and in a certain degree is quite proper. To begin with, when
students in their first year in college, their major job is to study,
not to work. They have to lay a profound knowledge base so that they
make a good preparation for future work. What’s more, when students are
going to step out of school and enter into the society, they have to
know lots of experience , for example, how to deal with challenges
outside, so they need to have some part-time jobs. Clearly, doing a part
time job has many advantages. Students can learn how to get along well
with others and know the society more profoundly. Secondly, to take a
part-time job provides the students with a valuable opportunity to put
what he has learned from books into practice. Finally, students can make
some money, which helps to unload their families’financial burden。

  I am writing this letter to you to informthat we will host a summer
camp for high school students. This summer camp willstart at 11:00a.m.
on Sunday at the gate of the first dining hall on the westcampus。

  In the bar chart, it shows the changes of the proportion of the
students having part-time jobs during the four years’ study in college.
The proportion increases slightly from the first year to the third year,
however, the fourth year has witnessed a fast increase, surging to

  This summer camp to be held is to help highschool students to
improve their spoken and written English skills. If you arehave a
outgoing personality, can communicate well with others and
haveenthusiasm to be a volunteer for this activity, please send us your
applicationletter to us Your
participation will be highlyappreciated。

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2013年考研[微博]英语二大作文范文(三),  2015考研[亚州城娱乐官网手机版,微博]英语(二)的小作文考的仍然是书信。题目指令为写一通知:你所在的大学将要举办一届夏令营活动,该活动对象是高中生。一是要简要介绍这一活动,另一方面要号召志愿者加入此活动。结合书信格式以及通知的写作思路,小作文模板如下: